Status as of 7:45 pm October 11, 2017

ASBII is operating normally. All servers are up and running.


Power Outage On the George H Cook and Douglass Campus

A campus status message on behalf of Dean Goodman: 

A major power outage  is occuring at the present time.   While Facilities has determined the problem is somewhere in the distribution system, they have yet to identify the precise cause.   At this time we are not certain how long the present outage will last.   Uninterruptable power systems are draining so wifi network facilities and telephones are now losing power on campus.   Power is out in most buildings on campus.  

 ASB II, OCPE,  Georges Road, and similar peripheral campus locations are on the PSE&G grid and are operating normally at the present time.  We will provide additional information as it becomes available.